Customer Engagement Strategies

We’ll help you find your ‘North Star’ – a clear vision of how you want to engage with customers – and then work with you to reach it.

Customer and consumer expectations have never been higher. How they feel about an organisation can pivot on poor experience, and in an age where social media amplifies dissatisfaction, the consequences can be dire.

Combine this with the pace of technological advances, innovation opportunities, and the natural ongoing competition and disruption in markets, and it compounds the challenge for organisations as they seek to define how they should engage their customers.

To succeed, organisations need a clear and consistent vision about how they want to engage with their customers. Our customer engagement consulting approach helps clients of different sizes and in different markets to define that vision as a ‘North Star’ that can guide everything they do. We then work with them to translate this into a service proposition that is appropriate to them and their customers.

Our Approach

We have developed a robust, analytical approach, where we:

  • Benchmark where you are today and how aligned this is to what your customers need, determining the priorities to be addressed
  • Develop a North Star vision for customer engagement that is appropriate to your organisation
  • Develop a target service proposition, using the North Star vision, that clearly articulates the service you want to deliver, on a continuum of ‘Functional’ to ‘Wow’
  • Translate the North Star vision and service proposition to principles and KPIs that will inform customer journey and operating model developments.

We combine analysis and research to develop inputs to a series of workshops that we facilitate, to ensure that our clients challenge themselves and develop a compelling yet achievable customer engagement vision that in turn will improve outcomes for them and their customers.

Why Ember

We bring a breadth of experience from clients across different markets that we use to help stimulate the thinking of our clients. Our team of practitioners have first-hand experience of designing customer engagement strategies within organisations and we have a robust, tried and tested and collaborative approach. Our focus is 100% on customer engagement.

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