Developing an Innovation Roadmap

Gain a clear understanding of how different channels and innovations can enhance your customer engagement.

In an increasingly digital world, technology is changing how consumers engage with organisations. It’s creating not only  opportunities to do things smarter, quicker and at a lower cost, but also entirely new business models. Making use of customer data to anticipate and deliver the right service at the right time is becoming essential.
We help our clients explore and exploit these ongoing innovations and disruptions in the market. Our team of consultants help you identify what the most relevant opportunities are for your vision and strategy and how they can be embedded into customer journeys or underpin an optimised operating model. We then build this into a clear roadmap, with an agile delivery approach, that creates competitive advantage for you and better outcomes for your customers.
Our Approach
We start by ensuring we, and our client, are clear on their vision and strategy for customer engagement. We then assess how customers are supported and engaged today, working with our client to identify the key opportunities or risks that need to be addressed.
We then draw ideas and examples from the market to build a portfolio of opportunities that we use to develop an innovation roadmap. This is then discussed in a series of facilitated working sessions, where the relevance and impact of various innovations is tested.
The outcome is a strategic roadmap for clients that prioritises innovations and identifies how these can be delivered.

Why Ember

We are agnostic of vendors, so are truly independent. We also have a broad and deep view of what organisations are doing in different markets. Furthermore, our tried and tested approach supports customers in different sectors.

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