Digital Change and Transformation

Applying digital technologies to achieve your customer experience ambitions.

We see digital transformation in broad but simple terms: how can you use digital technologies – of all kinds – to improve the way you support customers and enable them to access services more easily to get the outcomes that they want?
Our consulting services help our clients to understand the potential of digital to improve journeys and outcomes for customers. Our change and transformation services then help clients establish the capabilities to leverage digital technology to improve journeys.
We work with and across the full range of technologies and access points that customers and staff need to ensure the experience is personal and optimised. Our recent digital-led change programmes include:

  • Improving knowledge content to increase self-service for customers and for the teams who support them
  • Creating intuitive, natural language-based interfaces that make it easier for customers to access the services they need
  • Automating business process steps to lower cost and make processes easier for staff and customers
  • Creating better user experiences where customers and staff can more easily access the information they need to get the outcomes they want
  • Procuring the right technology solutions, from the right partners, to help build the capabilities that underpin the target journeys that will deliver better outcomes for them and their customers.

We are wholly independent of technology vendors, but have the deep domain expertise to help our clients make the right calls when seeking to improve their digital capability.
Our Approach

Our approach to executing digital change or transformation effectively is to drive it from the customer journey, business process or insight perspective.
Depending on your goal or culture, we can follow a traditional change approach or embed new, agile ways of working that can help the organisation move faster and in new directions.

Customer Journey or Business-Process-Led Change

Our customer engagement analysts work with clients to identify the changes needed to processes or journeys. Where this necessitates new capabilities, we’ll either help procure and implement these, or design and build them. Our team have the experience to define technology or people requirements and use these to shape work for development teams or the configuration of new solutions.

Insight-Led, Agile Change

For organisations that want to move more quickly or in an internally disruptive way, we recommend an insight-led, agile approach. In this instance, our team will draw on their own experience and early insight into your businesses to identify candidate projects. Once agreed, these are then delivered as innovation sprints that can be deployed effectively once the minimum viable product has been tested.

Why Ember

  • Because we are customer engagement specialists, we focus digital change or transformation on delivering better outcomes for your customers.
  • We are vendor agnostic, but with a deep understanding of the full range of digital technologies and channels.
  • We draw on examples and ideas from our cross-sector experience to create digital experiences that work.
  • Our flexible approach enables us to embed ourselves swiftly in a client’s environment to deliver the right outcomes.

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Meet The Specialist

Michael Anderson

VP, Ember Canada

An accomplished and highly successful C Level Business Leader with strong commercial acumen and flair, demonstrated through an outstanding record of transforming companies to achieve increased revenue and sustainable growth. Very comfortable with commencing new, large scale change initiatives or smaller, incremental changes, where quick results are needed. As well as leading our Canadian operations and launch, Michael is responsible for delivering a variety of Digital initiatives, that often result in a delivery phase; helping our clients move from the ‘Analogue’ world to the ‘Digital World and/or helping new Digital savvy businesses, who may have experienced exponential growth, but now needing help to design and build mature, sustainable Target Operating Models (TOM).