Operational Execution

Delivering lasting change for and with our clients.

Our role doesn’t stop with the identification of opportunities. Our team of practitioners help our clients to deliver change.

Our goal is to help our clients improve themselves so that they can deliver better outcomes for their business and their customers. We put together teams of specialists to help our clients deliver changes such as:

  • Developing and implementing data-driven, cross-business continuous improvement that reduces failure and boosts performance
  • Improving the workforce management (WFM) approach to planning and scheduling
  • Developing, implementing and managing improved quality, compliance and Voice of Customer programmes that deliver improved insights to mitigate risk while improving performance
  • Establishing or supporting operational teams to open new markets or improve the outcomes from existing markets
  • Designing and delivering training programmes that improve leadership teams and frontline team performance.

Our Approach

Where we execute change for, or with, our clients, we always focus on the outcomes it will improve and:

  • Assign specialists who have previously executed similar change, so they can apply their experience to enable your success
  • Take a flexible approach and ensure that our team lead, or support, only for as long as is needed
  • Leave a lasting legacy, by building your capability to take on what we have helped instigate

Why Ember

We can provide a one-stop shop for clients to deliver change quickly, at a lower risk – and through our recruitment and training services help strengthen your team to continue the work. We are willing to disrupt existing ways of working to stimulate new ways of working. Furthermore, we have a global network of specialist practitioners who can lead or support your change.

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