Our Automation Services:

We provide world class Robotic Process Automation (RPA) consulting. We identify, size and prioritise processes in your business which are ideal for automation and we do this for all types of industries and are currently delivering large scale automation projects with a number of household name champion brands.
Our Automation Assessment offering can be distilled into the following:

1) Strategy and Plan

- Define your business priorities and vision.
- Define the scalability and expansion strategy.
- Define high-level roadmap considering: proof of concept, pilot and full rollout.
- Define high-level change management plan.
- Define the high-level enterprise operating model and RPA ownership.

2) Identity and Size

- Which processes are good candidates for automation?
- Which processes would be suitable for a pilot.
- How should the process owners be engaged to try automation?
- What is the impact of proceeding with the pilot?

3) Prioritise

- How does automation support your business priorities?
- What are the cost benefits?
- What are the pain point being alleviated?
- What is the strategy for re-deploying existing resources?
- What is the Business Case for Change?

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