Procurement and Partnership Optimisation

Securing the right outcomes for clients and vendors

We’re committed to helping clients get the best out of partners. For years, we have been helping clients find the right partners with the right solutions, put in place the right governance to get the best out of the relationship and, where things have gone off track, helped clients put them right.
With robust methodologies and a deep understanding of the markets, vendors and how successful partnerships work, our team bring proven experience to help our clients get the best out of partnering.

Our services cover four key areas:

BPO Procurement

Customer Engagement Technology Procurement

Partner Mediation

Optimising Outsource Relationships

In all of these areas we have a track record of success. Our team have run some of the largest deals in the market, helping our clients procure more than £1bn in services. We’ve also helped many clients and their partners get the best out of their relationships, whether in the early stages of this or where the relationship has started to falter.
Our Approach
Our approach is robust and ensures that the right outcomes are delivered. We can lead or support clients, working flexibly with client teams to provide the right blend of experience and pace.
In general, we will work with you to:

  • Develop the business case, making sure the project is feasible and will deliver value
  • Scope the preferred solution(s), setting out in detail what is to be delivered
  • Procure the right partner and solution, drawing on our understanding of the market to get the right capability and fit
  • Develop the right commercial structure to deliver the outcomes you seek
  • Complete the contract, supporting and advising you as you negotiate the finer detail
  • Ensure a successful transition, mitigating risks and delivering benefits early.

Why Ember?

  • We are independent of BPO and technology vendors
  • We understand the BPO and customer engagement technology vendor landscape intimately
  • We have a tried and tested, robust approach that delivers the right partner and solution at the right price
  • We have a track record of success and are respected for getting the right outcomes by clients and vendors.

Process Optimisation

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Programme Management

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Operational Execution

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Meet The Specialist

David Leedham

Chief Executive

David has spent over 20 years in customer management and CX consulting. He is well known through the industry as a leading commercial and financial expert.
David is a Group CEO, overseeing the integration and development of Ember Group. He continues to deliver on consultancy and legal projects, leading the commercial structuring of all outsourcing and procurement activities.