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The fun way to embed Learning & Knowledge

70-80% of learning is forgotten within 2 weeks.

Errol Owl can help you retain this knowledge.

Ember Real Results Online Learning Platform (Errol Owl) is a unique tool designed to increase the effectiveness of your learning solutions. It provides an easy and enjoyable way to follow up on learning and help identify further knowledge gaps that can be plugged by further learning or through coaching.

Errol Owl has been designed to predominately help raise the long-term impact of learning interventions. The platform is flexible and fun to use. It provides regular quiz style questions to learners to see what learning they retained and remind them of essential points. Through the use of artificial intelligence, the intelligent learning feature has a built-in capability to tailor future questions by analysing previous responses. It identifies individual learners who may be struggling and need targeted coaching.

Errol Owl can help you with your knowledge retention, learning needs analysis (LNA), compliance, coaching and more.

The best thing about the platform is that you have complete control over what questions are used and how they are delivered to your learners. It provides detailed reporting that allows for in-depth analysis of knowledge retention and further learning opportunities.
Available both as a Desktop and App version, Errol Owl offers you the knowledge retention on the go.

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6 Key Benefits of Errol Owl

Improved Compliance
Increased Productivity
Increased Sales
Improved Employee Engagement
Improved Product Knowledge
Improved NPS

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