Onboarding Transformation


By maximising the effectiveness of new hire onboarding there are a number of benefits that can achieved.

Firstly the retention of new starters during and following the training.  The average recruitment cost of an Advisor is circa £6k per head and a decrease in attrition can provide quantifiable ROI.  It can be harder to measure improved confidence and employee engagement but these are often reflected in KPI’s and the operational performance – often key performance indicators such as CSAT, NPS, FCR, AHT but also sales performance and customer retention – will benefit from a smoother and more effective onboarding experience.

We agree together with you the target outcomes that you need and we build a new onboarding programme geared to achieving this.  Whether the duration of the onboarding learning time will be recommended to increase or decrease from its current form is an unknown until we begin understanding your unique project.  Some clients are seeking to improve the ‘speed to competence’ of new hires and this can often be achieved through improved classroom design, through digital  experiences and process or knowledge management improvements.  Other clients feel that they would like to make their programmes longer in duration to provide a more effective experience.  We will work with you to determine the best outcome for your organisation.

In addition we offer an online knowledge retention platform in the form of Errol Owl. This is a fun quiz based platform that takes as little as 60 seconds a day to complete. This fast paced repetition makes the knowledge stick far more effectively than a one-off mention in a classroom.  The data in the system is invaluable to managers and trainers to track where coaching is needed, where further support may be required and where elements of onboarding training are landing well or where they may need further work.

The duration of the onboarding transformation project is dependent upon the complexity of your new hire’s roles and we can discuss this with you during initial consultation.

The phases of the project usually follow this cycle:

Who we've helped

“Thank you for the work you have done to our onboarding programme!  Thanks to Ember we have been able to reduce the time in the classroom from 12 weeks down to 7 weeks with an improvement in effectiveness of our learner journey, process documents and classroom design.”

TJX Europe

“We are delighted to be working with Ember on the transformation of our new hire programme. We have created our new learner journey after detailed consultation and creative input from Ember and we were delighted to sign this off without any changes. We are now moving at full speed in the design phase utilising a broad range of classroom and digital experts from Ember to create this transformation at scale and with pace.  It has challenged our thinking and brought our programme bang up to date.”

Canadian Bank